Robot dog confuses real dogs

Robot dogs featured most recently at Boing Boing in this piece describing a video of a Chinese drone dropping off an armed robotic dog. Well, here's another post about a robot dog, but this time it's a little less frightening. Well, it's still frightening, but more in a humorous way and less in a 'oh shit, armed robot dogs are terrifying because the world does NOT need more guns' kind of way. Check out this video of a robot dog, posted on Reddit in the sub /oddlyterrifying, wearing a ridiculous rubber husky mask, trying to play with a group of real dogs. The real husky is excited in an "oh yay, a few friend!" kind of way, and the other dogs just seem very confused and also a bit wary. The cat is completely "WTF," however. I gotta say, I'm with the cat!