Theocratic fascist Matt Walsh says anime is "satanic" because it "just seems that way to me"

Self-described theocratic fascist Matt Walsh thinks anime is satanic. "I have no argument for it — I have no argument for why it's Satanic; it just seems that way to me," he says in this video.

Audience question: What's your opinion on anime?

Walsh: It's really popular amongst teens and young adults. I think it's all satanic. I have no argument for it. I have no argument for why it's satanic. It just seems that way to me all animate to me seems weird just like bizarre, creepy. And in general, I don't think that adults should be whether it's anime or any other kind of cartoon. With with rare exception, adults really shouldn't be watching cartoons in general, I would say

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here's mine: the only thing I see that seems hellish in this video is Walsh's poorly dyed beard. What is it with these fascist nuts and their love of jet-black beards that look like they were purchased at a Halloween costume warehouse?