Will the MCU finally get Doctor Doom right?

When you're talking about comic book supervillains, there are only really a handful of characters that occupy the S+ tier of greatness. Sure, villains like Bane, Captain Cold, and Kraven are enjoyable in their own right and provide a decent level of opposition for their heroes, but they'll never garner a seat amongst the elite comic book antagonists. And while the top ten villains might be in debate, it's hard to dispute the top three: Joker, Lex Luthor, and Doctor Doom. Out of the aforementioned three, Doom might be the most interesting as his popularity exceeds the characters he was conjured to bedevil. Hell, Doom is arguably more popular than a host of Marvel heroes. 

Despite his popularity, the character has routinely failed to translate to the silver screen. Hopefully, with Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four franchise, Doom might get some much-needed redemption on the cinematic front. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Nerdstalgic explains how the MCU could perfectly capture Doom's essence from the comics.