Brazil fined Apple $19 million for selling iPhones without including a charger

Apple is the king of forcing you to buy peripherals. It's not enough that a new iPhone will run you a grand and change, but Apple will also make sure that they bleed you dry when it comes to purchasing external hardware. "Oh, you want to listen to music?" Apple will sarcastically ask you, "well, I guess you're gonna have to buy our official Apple air pods to experience Spotify in the best quality."

Paying extra for headphones isn't great, but it's far from an irredeemably scummy business practice. If anything, it's more annoying than predatory. Selling an iPhone without a charger, on the other hand? That should be qualified as hitting below the proverbial belt.

Well, apparently, Brazil agrees that Apple shouldn't be able to sell new iPhones without including a charger. A Brazilian court has fined the tech company the equivalent of $19 million dollars for not complying.

Apple is in trouble in Brazil over iPhone chargers – again. According to Reuters, a Brazilian court fined Apple 100 million reais ($19 million) for not including a charger with iPhones sold in Brazil. While Apple maintains that its decision to ship iPhones without chargers is about reducing carbon emissions, the Brazilian court's reasoning is that the company "imposes on the consumer a required purchase of charger adaptors that were previously supplied along with the product."