Florida killer clown trial delayed after discover of new "clown sighting file"

On a fateful day in May of 1990, 40-year-old Marlene Warren opened the door of her Palm Beach, Florida home to find a clown waiting on the doorstep. The clown handed her a bunch of carnations, and a ballon that said "You're the greatest!", then shot her in the face.

Two days before the killing, a woman named Sheila Keen had reportedly visited a local costume shop, where she purchased a clown suit, an orange wig, white gloves, a red nose, and some white face makeup. At the time, Keen worked at a used car lot owned by Michael Warren, Marlene's husband. According to town gossip, Sheila Keen and Michael Warren were having an affair — and indeed, 12 years after the mysterious clown murder, Warren and Keen got married.

It wasn't until 2017 that police obtained evidence to arrest Keen for the suspected clown murder. But now, there's a new wrinkle in the 30-year-old case. From Associated Press:

The trial of a Florida woman accused of dressing up as clown in 1990 and fatally shooting the wife of a man she later married has been postponed following the disclosure of a law enforcement file containing information about other clown-sighting leads at the time.

Prosecutors informed defense attorneys for Sheila Keen-Warren  on Wednesday that they had found a "clown sighting file" which defense attorneys had been demanding but prosecutors had been saying they didn't have, according to a court filing by defense attorneys in Palm Beach County case.

The so-called "clown sighting file" is a 25-page document, containing names, addresses, and other information on at least 40 other credible clown-related leads.

How long have the Palm Beach Police been sitting on this information? How many killer clowns are out there, their honking noses dripping red with the fresh blood of their victims? And when will justice finally get the last laugh?

Trial delayed again in "killer-clown" case as new disclosure comes to light 32 years after Florida mother killed at her front door [Associated Press]

Image: Public Domain via OpenClipArt