MAGA man says Trump is a genius while admitting Trump's a failure (video)

A stable MAGA man sporting a "Buck Fiden" T-shirt explained why he was smitten by former twice-impeached president Donald Trump. "I mean, come on, the man's a genius!" he said to Good Liars' Jason Selvig (see video below).

And then the gentleman backed up his statement with an example: "I mean, look what he did with his construction companies and stuff!"

Okay, let's take a look at those companies. According to The Washington Post, in 1990, Trump defaulted on interest payments on his Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and in 1991 the same casino resort filed for bankruptcy; in 1992 three other Trump properties filed for bankruptcy, including his Plaza Hotel in New York. That's at least four bankruptcies in two years, not to mention all the workers he ripped off by refusing to pay them. Sounds pretty genius to me.

But Selvig didn't look sold. "Well, he did go bankrupt a couple of times," he pointed out, to which the fervent Trump disciple offhandedly said, "He did."

Tuck Frump.

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