Matt Reeves to make spin-off movies for several Batman villains

With The Batman, Matt Reeves gave long-time fans of the Caped crusader the movie they'd been craving for decades. Despite their popularity, every cinematic version of Batman has always been a little off in terms of characterization. One of the glaring omissions from Batman's film persona was his unparalleled deductive ability. When you think about it, the fact that we got a variant of Batman on the silver screen that shamelessly shoots people before getting a version of the character renowned for his detective work is pretty bonkers. I mean, he's not called the world's greatest detective for nothing. 

Through his inaugural outing in Gotham City, director Matt Reeves proved that he has the goods when it comes to conjuring stories for Batman. According to IGN, in addition to his upcoming sequel to The Batman, Matt Reeves is also slated to develop a slew of spin-offs for Bruce's roster of rogues

There doesn't appear to be plans for another stab at a connected DC universe as according to a new report, different key players are taking control of various DC movie franchises. This includes Matt Reeves, who is expanding his control over Batman. While the director is already working on a Penguin series and an Arkham Asylum series. Reeves is reportedly meeting with other writers and directors to build out other movies focused on Batman villains like Scarecrow, Clayface, and Professor Pyg. But it sounds like Reeves will be able to explore all of his different villain ideas with the expansion of his Batman universe. While details are still under wraps, insiders say discussions for his various Batman villain spinoffs are still in their early stages.