New police footage shows people in Florida getting arrested just for voting (video)

On August 18, Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his "voter fraud" crackdown hours after he had 20 people arrested for simply voting. These folks evidently broke a new DeSantis law — even though election officials registered them, telling them they were eligible to vote — that makes it a crime for people with felony records to cast a ballot.

DeSantis has been on a roll, forbidding discussions of racism in schools, forbidding discussions of LGBTQ issues in schools, and banning 411 books in the last year alone. Now the Sunshine State can add voting after serving jail time — a felony "that can result in fines of up to $5,000 and up to five years in prison," according to Tampa Bay Times — to his authoritarian list of fear and intimidation tactics.

Newly released footage (below), "obtained by the Times/Herald through public records," gives us a glimpse of what DeSantis' new Florida looks like.

Front page thumbnail image: Police body cam/Tampa Bay Times (screengrab)