This retro Raisin Bran commercial hits the spot

You gotta love commercial mascots. Where would we be as a society with Tony the Tiger, Mr. Clean, and the Jolly Green Giant? Well, we'd be in the same place with less colorful products festooned on grocery store aisles.

However, for as many memorable commercial mascots that exist, there are hundreds of failed mascots that have been lost to time. Remember Erin, the Esurance spy girl? What about Big Mixx from Kellogs? Any Baron Von Redberry fans in the audience? 

Of course, no failed mascot can dethrone Pit Pat from Globochem. 

Even though Pit Pat is clearly the best-forgotten mascot around, I still have a strange fascination with Maisie the raisin and Jake the flake from Raisin Bran. I guess when you're pushing a cereal with raisins and dry bran flakes on children, you need all of the emotional leverage you can muster. Check out a retro ad featuring Maisie and Jake in the video linked above.