UK intelligence warns British mercenaries in China not to blab secrets

British ex-service veterans are getting big bucks to train and advise the Chinese Red Army and Air Force, and the UK government is warning them to keep their mouths shut about anything that might be a military secret.

Officials expressed "concern and disapproval" of these schemes because they posed "a threat to UK and western interests". Although they are not explicitly banning pilots from providing training, they aim to take steps to "manage the risk". About 30 former pilots are already believed to have taken advantage of "very generous" recruitment packages offered by China to work for the country's air force through third parties, including, in particular, a flying academy based in South Africa. But the warning, or threat guidance, will remind British pilots not to disclose any sensitive information to the Chinese military and ask those approached to tell the Ministry of Defence what is going on so that it can be monitored.

Pretty sure they're not paying upwards of ₤250,000 to have a barbarian shout the recruits into shape, but if that's the going rate I'm happy to give it a try.