Visual essay documents one woman's struggle with long COVID

Check out this beautiful visual essay about one woman's struggle with long COVID. In the piece, which is illustrated by Julia Louise Pereira, author Savannah Brooks documents her six-month journey with long COVID. In one panel, Brooks writes, "I am 30 now, and have been suffering from Long Covid for six months. I can barely walk a handful of blocks without getting that telltale tunnel vision, muted hearing, sweats and shakes that tell me: shit, you're gonna pass out." The essay is a sobering reminder that we should still be taking COVID seriously. Not only are hundreds of Americans dying every day from COVID, millions more are currently experiencing long COVID. Many experts are predicting that a new wave is coming, with new variants that will likely escape prior immunity. So, as we move into the winter months, we should take seriously what Savannah Brooks writes:

I'm an example of what's at stake for anyone who contracts COVID, no matter how fit. I'm a perfectly healthy-looking woman using a wheelchair to get through the airport, the botanical gardens, my parents' hilly neighborhood.

Let's all check our hubris, get boosted, mask up, and try to be careful to not catch or spread the virus.