Let's celebrate Gene Colan, Marvel's master of horror

With the release of the Werewolf by Night special on Disney +, Marvel has shown their hand: they want to start introducing more horror characters into the MCU. In retrospect, it should've been obvious. Aside from having a new Blade film on the production slate, the Marvel cinematic universe has been borrowing a host of its plot lines from the comic publisher's suite of 70s stories. Whether it's The Eternals, Shang-Chi, or She-Hulk, The MCU is currently using characters developed in Marvel comic's second decade to erect their next ten years in film. And if they're leaning on the 70s, it's practically mandatory for them to ramp up the horror elements. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Comic Tropes pays tribute to Gene Colan and his legendary run on Marvel's Tomb of Dracula. Since we're getting a Blade movie- a character co-created by Colan- it would be cool to see how the MCU handles Dracula on the big screen.