Marco Rubio imagines the terrifying "dangers" of drop boxes (video)

During last night's Florida debate against Rep. Val Demings (D), Sen. Marco Rubio nervously imagined the great hazards of ballot drop boxes and why they should not exist.

Hazard 1: Dropbox bombs, because heck, those happen all the time. "There's danger involved in drop boxes," the frightened Senator said (see video below). "Imagine someone decides, 'Oh there's a dropbox, I'm just going to put some explosives in it and blow it up." Or better yet, imagine Republican votes zapped away by Jewish space lasers, because those are also a thing according to Rubio's GQP.

Hazard 2: Voter distrust, because heck, who would ever trust a box? "There has to be public confidence. The public has to believe the elections were fair." And fearmonger Rubio blames drop boxes, rather than Trump's Big Lie drumbeat, for the loss of confidence in American democracy.

Front page thumbnail image: Marco Rubio / Florida debate (screengrab)