The Dullest Blog in the World roared back into action (8 months ago, for a single post)

The Dullest Blog in the World is one of the great wonders of the old web, home to very occasional missives each describing some extremely mundane thing that happened to its author, David Walker. It petered out during the late 2000s rise of social media, and fell to quiescence in 2013. But in February, I lately learn, Walker stormed back to the literary front lines and added a new posting.

My desk had a number of things on it. There were various items of stationery, including some paper. Some other objects were on the desk too, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I was reminded of the site because there's a story at The Washington Post about a snake on a plane, but it was so uneventful as to evoke Walker's style. Here is some text from the story, verbatim but for an ellipses:

A snake snuck onto a United flight from Tampa. It's in New Jersey now. Newark Airport workers caught the garter snake from Florida and released it into the wild … No one was injured and operations were not affected, it added. The aircraft departed Newark on time.