This dead monstrosity is the heaviest bony fish in the world

This monstrous animal, a giant sunfish, was found floating dead in the Portugal's Azores archipelago. Weighing 2,744 kilograms (3 tons), it's thought to be the world's heaviest bony fish ever seen. It's 400 kilograms (882 pounds) bigger than the prior record holder. From CNN:

José Nuno Gomes-Pereira, lead author of the paper and postdoctoral researcher from the Atlantic Naturalist Association, told CNN Tuesday that it was saddening "to see the animal in this situation as it must have been a king of open ocean."

The "tremendously big" sunfish has been buried in the Natural Park of Faial Island, he added.

More in the New York Times: "Not Just a Big Fish, but Perhaps the Biggest Bony Fish Ever"

image: release