Dating an NPC in real life

You gotta love the ever-expanding spectrum of video games. For example, who would've ever predicted that dating sims would become such a vibrant genre during the medium's infancy? In fact, dating sims have become so massive that the subgenre boasts a slew of its own subgenres with hundreds of either grounded or bizarre entries. From titles that allow you to court a bevy of single dads to games that require you to romance birds, dating sims are easily one of the wildest subgenres in video games. However, some of the best virtual dates happen in games that are built around a romantic premise.

In the video linked above, you can check out a real-life version of what it's like to date an NPC- or nonplayable character- from an RPG. The video is part of a series, so if you dig the clip, follow the link for more bizarre and hilarious NPC adventures.