Hooters manager beaten in fight over kids selling chocolate bars in restaurant

Two men were arrested and another is on the run after a chaotic brawl at a Hooters in Plano, Texas, resulted in its manager suffering a concussion and the hospitalization of another customer. The fight this time was apparently over chocolate bars being sold by kids in the restaurant: Fox 4 reports that a group of young men have been causing trouble at Hooters across the region and this is only the latest incident.

The attack happened after a group of children selling chocolate bars were kicked out of the Hooters off Central Expressway and East Plano Parkway.  Investigators say the juveniles became angry no one was giving them money. A customer assisted the manager in escorting the kids out. That's when police say the three adult men exited a vehicle.  According to an arrest affidavit, the manager told police he was hit with a metal pipe and then both he and the customer were punched and kicked multiple times. At least one boy is seen on video joining the adults in beating the manager.

Looks like a variant on the classic scam whereby someone (typically children and old women) hard-sells something nearly worthless (rosemary twigs, polaroid photos of you, single panels of chocolate) in public, and raises a scene if anyone demurs. In this case, the scam seems to be a bit rougher than usual, in that there are a bunch of guys lurking nearby to deliver a beating to anyone objecting to the solicitation.