Young girl thinks she's holding a garter snake, rather than 2nd most venomous snake in the world (video)

An 11-year-old girl in Australia picked up a golden brown snake and recorded her cool find (see video below). "I have just found a snakey," she said while the snake slithered through her fingers. "He's a garter snake."

Except it wasn't.

Turns out she was handling "an extremely dangerous eastern brown snake," according to Stewy the Snake Catcher, who had received the video from her grandparent to find out more about the reptile. "The girl in the video is extremely lucky that she wasn't bitten by the snake, and her parents should probably go and buy a lottery ticket," he posted on Facebook, along with her video, as a warning to others.

"This situation is very dangerous. Eastern brown snakes are a nervous snake, and are responsible for the most deaths caused by snake bites in Australia," he continued. "Please please please, remind your children and grandchildren that you shouldn't interfere and interact with any wildlife unless you are trained to do so. This little girl could have actually died from a bite from this snake."

According to LiveScience, the eastern brown snake is the "second most toxic land snake in the world," less venomous only to the inland Taipan snake.

Via Yahoo!