Middle school girl hands out $10,000 in stolen cash to classmates

A Florida middle school student gained instant popularity when she allegedly handed out $10,000 to her classmates at school. The 14-year-old girl gave each lucky recipient hundreds of dollars in cash, until she was busted for theft, that is. Turns out, she had stolen the money from her grandmother.

From CBS:

School officials conducted a search of the girl's backpack and found about $2,500, deputies said. The girl said she had been given the money by an unknown former student who wanted the money disseminated. It was later determined that the girl had broken into her grandmother's home safe and stolen about $13,500 of the woman's life savings, investigators said.

By Friday, officials had recovered about $700 of the money that had been given to other students. That money and the $2,500 recovered from the girl's backpack were returned to the grandmother.

Unfortunately, the girl "is facing a grand theft charge," according to CBS, when therapy is what she needs.