Scientists just observed the largest explosion ever and it was made of Gamma Rays

From NewScientist:

Astronomers have spotted what may be the most powerful explosion ever seen. The gamma ray burst, called GRB221009A, was spotted on 9 October, and even its afterglow is brighter than most objects in the sky.

This type of gamma ray burst (GRB) is thought to occur when a massive star explodes in a supernova, leaving behind a black hole. The explosion creates an extraordinary jet of light which makes up the GRB itself, and then the supernova causes a dimmer afterglow. This particular GRB appears so bright partially because it is about 2.4 billion light years away from Earth, making it one of the closest GRBs ever spotted in addition to being the brightest.

One scientist said that the blast was so powerful that it would blind a person with Gamma Ray Eyes. Fortunately, no Hulks or Abominations could be found to verify this claim. As of press time, however, it's still unclear if the gamma blast tore open a Green Door that leads to the One Below All, though it has been scientifically proven that you need to read Al Ewing's incredible run on the Immortal Hulk if you haven't already.

Astronomers have just watched the most powerful explosion ever seen [Leah Crane / NewScientist]