The history of Latinx Punk

Punk, punk rock, punk politics, and punk aesthetics are global phenomena. Genealogies intersect when we recognize the relationship between different places where punk politics emerged. Tracing the relationship between punk politics and their emerging conditions helped demonstrate how punk rock is a form of solidarity.

The final episode of Season One of Pop Americana, hosted by Sana Saeed, is a genealogical dig into the history of Latinx Punk. Though punk is a global, multiracial phenomenon, "…the narratives that exist about punk, outside those in the know, treat it as though it was just about angst. Punk is treated as though it's simply the byproduct of a particular kind of punk: the angry white boy. But the history of punk is a history that intersects across communities building on similar sounds and politics." Connecting the dots between politics, culture, and solidarity Saeed introduces us to artists from the North, Central, and South American continents.