In 1938 a farmer grew pumpkins with realistic human faces

In 1938 a farmer grew pumpkins with realistic human faces. The pumpkins of John M. Czeski beat any Jack-O-Lantern I've seen. He created these fabulous pumpkin heads by placing an aluminum mold around a growing pumpkin. The pumpkin would  take the shape of the mold until it grew into a human-like face. If you try to grow one of these pumpkin heads yourself, keep it locked outside (just in case it decides to come alive at night). 

From Got Weird on Instagram:

 "In 1938, pumpkins with human faces have been produced by John M. Czeski, Ohio farmer, after four years of experimenting.

To grow the novel fruit, Czeski fashions an aluminum mold of the head he wants to reproduce, and places it around a growing pumpkin approximately the size of a small grapefruit. After the pumpkin has expanded enough to fill the inside contours, the mold is removed.

The print of the features remains as the pumpkin continues to grow, and the final result is a lifelike full-size image in the ripened fruit."