Watch Paul Dano talk about his litany of great characters

Hollywood may be overrun with franchises and superhero films that are solely focused on sales first, but there are still skillful artisans throughout the film industry. Whether it's talented directors such as Edgar Wright, Robert Eggers, and Ryan Coogler, there is no shortage of top-tier talent behind the camera in Tinseltown these days. In fact, with production houses like A24 leading the charge, one could even argue that we're in a golden age of clever and artistically challenging films.

Even though directors and other behind-the-camera talents are crucial in the current wave of masterpiece cinema, the work of actors in front of the camera shouldn't be discounted. One of the most compelling actors in the industry is Paul Dano. Although his most recent role was in a superhero film, Dano's body of work has always been known for its maturity- even during his early 20s. In the video linked above, you can check out Paul Dano sitting down with GQ to discuss his incredible career.