Alpha is a distraction-free portable writing device from the creators of the Freewrite

The Freewrite Alpha is the most refined design yet from the team that created the nauseatingly-named Hemingwrite (previously at Boing Boing) and the slimmer clamshell Freewrite Traveler: portable word processors designed with prose in mind.

The new model is an attractive, low-profile Kailh mechanical keyboard with a small monochrome display, 100 hours of battery life on a charge, USB-C, automatic cloud syncing, and the fundamental promise that the writing app is the only one that'll ever come with it.

We designed Alpha to nurture focused daily writing. Free from distracting apps, notifications, and browsers, Alpha builds one habit: writing. Our users report more focused writing sessions and drastically increased word counts.

If it reminds you of the classic and well-loved Alphasmart, that's because they've named it for it—and even snagged that company's long-dead domain name!

I like these gadgets, but with every one there is something love-or-hate going on with the design. This time it's the pebbledash texture of the case.