Charlie Crist goes after DeSantis for his cruel and costly hoax perpetrated on desperate people

Fred Flinstone lookalike Ron DeSantis was swallowing hard at tonight's Florida gubernatorial debate, when his candidate Charlie Crist went after him for his horrific treatment of desperate migrants by flying them to Martha's Vineyard. Not only did it cost Florida taxpayers a fortune, but it also made innocent people's lives miserable.


I thought what the governor did was a horrible political stunt. You know, we have an immigration problem. We have a problem at the border. We need to secure the border. I agree with all of that. But it doesn't mean that you use Florida taxpayers' dollars to charter two jets go to Texas, lie to people to get them onto planes, fly them up to the northern part of our country. And one of them's a one-year-old baby, another as a pregnant woman. You're willing to use people like that? In this case, they were Hispanics, Venezuelan in particular, and have them as props for your political gain? That's not the way to change policy. You can change policy, and do what's right to secure the border by having comprehensive immigration reform. That's what I voted for in Congress. When you were in Congress, you wouldn't do it. Because you want to keep this issue alive. You want to have it as a wedge issue. And you want to pull political stunts like you did with the taxpayers' dollars of the people of Florida. That's not what it's for. That's not what you should have done. It isn't funny. It's not right. And you were inhumane in how you treated these people.