Come experience the short-lived magic of Trollkins

As we're still experiencing the fallout of the Warner Brothers and Discovery merger, animation has become a hot-button issue. In the endless pursuit to cut costs and rid themselves of redundancies, Warner Brothers have been slicing through completed films and projects with a seemingly reckless abandon. During one of their many purge sessions, fans of animation were dismayed to discover a host of their favorite cartoon shows were unceremoniously dropped from HBO Max. And a few weeks later, fans found out that Cartoon Network studios were getting absorbed and restructured. 

Animation fans were obviously outraged when the news of both events hit the internet. How could HBO Max just toss tons of brilliant and entertaining shows into the void of obscurity? 

Well, the answer is similar to how networks of yesteryear turned properties like Trollkins into forgotten relics of television history. In the video linked above, you can check out footage from the early 80s cartoon series known as Trollkins