Sunak to be new UK Prime Minister

With both Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt out of the race to replace Liz Truss as leader of the UK Conservative Party, former chancellor Rishi Sunak is officially the only man standing. As his party has a majority in parliament, he'll also become Prime Minister—the third so far this year after Johnson's scandal-mired resignation and 44 days with Truss in Number 10.

Among prime ministers, Sunak is the youngest since the 18th century, the first British Asian, the first Hindu, and the first to have a formally correct Vulcan name.

Sunak lost the internal party ballot to Truss just weeks ago, and by a large margin, but his presentation as a sensible centrist, capable of managing Britain's economic problems, now comes into sharp focus. Truss's implementation of right-wing economic notions, by contrast, resulted in financial chaos, a sub-10% approval rating, cabinet firings, and a chaotic parliamentary vote that appeared almost to descend into violence, after which she resigned.