There's a new Star Wars project from Damon Lindelof in the works

Although it hasn't been a complete catastrophe, calling Disney's management of the Star Wars franchise a success would be gloriously disingenuous. Ever since Disney got their mitts on George Lucas's sci-fi cash cow, the studio has been seemingly intent on cutting as many corners as possible in its attempts to profit off Star Wars. From creating a sequel trilogy without a concrete plan in place to failing to reunite Luke, Leia, and Han in at least one scene, Disney has botched the Star Wars brand so badly that the company has been actively rehabbing the property for years. 

When Disney first took a stab at bringing Star Wars back to the silver screen, the company enlisted the talents of JJ Abrams. Now that the studio wants to revivify the brand, they're looking toward Abrams's frequent collaborator Damon Lindelof to helm a new Star Wars project that is rumored to have Captain Marvel director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy attached. 

Following months of speculation, Deadline is now hearing from several sources close to the project that not only is Damon Lindelof developing a new Star Wars film for Lucasfilm but that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has been set as director. Lindelof is co-writing the project, though it is unknown at this time who his writing partner might be. Insiders say the script is still being written which means production is likely far out. That said, sources add it was important to Lucasfilm and Lindelof that a director be brought on so that person's own vision for where they see this story headed gets included in the script. Lucasfilm and reps for Obaid-Chinoy could not be reached for comment.