This 80s Schwarzenegger commercial is peak ridiculous

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of a kind. On the surface, he may seem like another gym rat/ meathead, but the man's drive and dedication are otherworldly. Having the focus and grit required to become not only a champion bodybuilder but the face of the profession is already impressive in and of itself. However, it's Schwarzenegger's eventual ascent to the top of Hollywood that is truly remarkable. For starters, Schwarzenegger didn't even speak English as a native language. Secondly, if you've seen footage of Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York, you know that he didn't always possess the reservoir of cinematic charisma he developed in later years. 

By the time the late 80s rolled around, Schwarzenegger was easily one of the biggest names in movies. Consequently, there were probably millions of calls for the former Mr. Olympia to endorse every product under the sun. In the video linked above, you look at one of the ads that Schwarzenegger agreed to film.