A fantasy console dev kit in your pocket

ClockworkPi uConsole is a "fantasy console" made real: an open-source pocket PC with a physical keyboard, game controls and indie game engines such as Pico-8. The gadget's rather larger than a GameBoy but much thinner, and comes in several loadouts–all seem to have a quad-core ARM CPU, WiFi and optional cellular internet, a 5-inch 720-line display, stereo speakers and 32GB TF-card based storage. The cheapest (and most experimental) model is $140 plus shipping, batteries not included.

The RPI-CM4 is suitable for general purposes with longer usage time, such as coding, e-mails, making indie games, running most video game emulators, etc. The rich Raspberry Pi ecosystem provides excellent technical support, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Same as DevTerm, uConsole also supports the RISC-V architecture, and while it is not for beginners, we still leave it to those brave voyagers.