Check out Simu Liu's intense training for Marvel's Shang-Chi

When news of a Shang-Chi movie started rumbling around the internet, die-hard fans of the character were both nervous and excited. Unlike other Marvel films, Shang-Chi came preloaded with certain expectations: the movie had to really deliver on the action front. Although all Marvel movies have action scenes that range from competently choreographed to masterfully arranged, they all suffer from the same alignment that plagues modern action movies. 

Unlike 80s Hong Kong action movies- which possessed visceral and kinetic action scenes- modern films present fight scenes that are sloppily staged and feature actors that clearly couldn't fight if their lives depended on it.

When Marvel decided they would make a Shang-Chi flick (based on a character heavily inspired by Kung Fu cinema), they knew they wouldn't be able to scrimp on the action set pieces. In the post linked above, you can check out the intense training that Simu "Shang-Chi" Liu underwent to become Marvel's master of Kung Fu.