Man very excited to find a Northern Pine Snake

Meet Christian Cave of Caveman Wildlife. He really REALLY REALLY likes this snake he just found! Watch this video where he absolutely goes bananas over his encounter with the exceedingly hard to find Northern Pine Snake, which he breathlessly exclaims is "one of the rarest snakes in all of the Southeastern United States." He literally falls to his knees in ecstasy and screams with excitement when he sees the snake. He proceeds to pick it up and gush about it: "This is the snake that I've been looking for all of my life. [To the snake:] I could just give you a kiss! Immaculate coloration! Perfect condition! Just GORGEOUS!" He is so excited he literally has to catch his breath several times during the short video. This is a joy to watch! We should all have something we are so thrilled about! Congrats, Christian!


My encounter with the ghost of the sandhills…👻🐍 *IM A SEMIPROFESSIONAL TIK TOK! HARMLESS SNAKE*

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