Man who avoided bathing for 60 years dies after finally washing up

An Iranian man nicknamed "the world's dirtiest man" was a recluse who refused to bathe for 60 years. He reportedly enjoyed eating roadkill and smoking pipes of animal poop, and believed being "clean" would make him sick. And maybe he was right — when neighbors finally convinced him to wash up, he died just a few months later. Then again, he was 94.

From The Guardian:

Irna news agency reported that "Amou Haji", an endearing nickname for an elderly person, died on Sunday in the village of Dejgah in the southern province of Fars.

Haji, covered in soot and living in a cinder-block shack, was reported by local media not to have bathed with water or soap in more than 60 years. Villagers said he had experienced "emotional setbacks in his youth" that led him to refuse to wash. …

He would reject water in favour of what he called a "fire bath". "Every evening as villagers gather, Kalau … lights a bonfire, smokes marijuana and stands on a leg praying to Lord Shiva," the paper said.

Singh was reported to have said: "It's just like using water to take a bath. Fire bath helps kill all the germs and infections in the body."

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