The trailer for 1899 looks like a mindbending thrill ride

It feels like we're all still waiting for the other shoe to drop on television's Golden age. We're almost 25 years post-Sopranos (which changed the perception of televised drama), and the prestige television format just keeps topping itself. Surely, we have to reach the peak at some point. 

One of the landmark series that sprung up a few years after the Sopranos hit the airwaves was the mysterious Island drama Lost from ABC. Although the ending of Lost might have tarnished the show's reputation, the series was still a monster hit during its heyday. Once the show became a bonafide success, several networks began to ape Lost's enigmatic approach to narrative and its unapologetically diverse ensemble cast of characters with varying levels of success. 

In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for Netflix's new mindbending 1899, which looks like the perfect spiritual successor to Lost's mystery-laden plotlines featuring a cast of characters from around the globe.