Man celebrates his dog on Teddy Tuesdays

Move over, "Taco Tuesday," and make way for "Teddy Tuesday." What's Teddy Tuesday? It's a wholesome and heartwarming holiday that Johnathan Lower and his dog Teddy celebrate every Tuesday, when Johnathan takes off work early to spend the afternoon and evening with his Golden Retriever Teddy. Every Tuesday they do Teddy's favorite things: getting a pup cup, visiting Grandma at work, picking out a new toy, watching the fish at the pet store, getting groomed, eating tacos (either at a favorite restaurant or at home), and watching movies in Teddy's house. 

Yes, Teddy has his own house. It's adorable. It's a doghouse made from a junk closet that even has soundproofed walls in case of thunder or scary sounds. As one person commented, "Teddy's doghouse is more luxurious than my bedroom."

You can follow Johnathan and Teddy's adventures on their TikTok, where you'll see a special "Batdog edition" Teddy Tuesday, and a Santa-themed Teddy Tuesday.