Rule the kitchen with 73% off this 9-inch traditional Japanese chef knife

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There's not a lot going on these days (just kidding, it's 2022), and it seems like picking up learning to cook is a lucrative hobby and a vital skill since your favorite pizza place closed. If you don't have the right tools, you might as well eat raw peppers and call it a meal. This Nine-Inch Sakana Korouchie Chef Knife is a much-needed addition to any chef's artillery. 

Whether you're slicing, dicing, or need a clean cut, the Sakana Korouchie Chef Knife is a great tool to have in your kitchen. A multipurpose traditional Japanese blade, this knife is incredibly versatile for meats, veggies, cheeses, or anything else you might find yourself noshing on (and, because we already embarrass the Japanese with our culinary stylings, things can only go up using their tools). In addition, because it has a beveled edge, the knife can chop through all of your delicacies like it picked out the cut of steak for you.

Speaking of precision, the forged blades include a VG10 cutting core treated to a 59 – 62 Rockwell hardness, which means it is incredibly precise for all of those quick-paced meals. It also has 37 layers of high-carbon stainless steel cladding for strength, durability, and stain resistance, making it a knife to last for ages (leave it as a family heirloom, lord knows, if you're a millennial, that's all you have). And, if you need a little extra assurance, it will be part of your rotation for a while; it's nitrogen-cooled, ensuring enhanced hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Beyond the blade itself, the handle is lightweight, ergonomic, and Mkuruti wood, which gives it a sleek, classy look even when you're using it to cut open a TV dinner package. Callused hands from having to grasp an uncomfortable knife handle for dear life are a thing of the past thanks to the comfort of the handle on the Sakana Korouchie Chef Knife.

Over the age of 18? Get the Nine-Inch Sakana Korouchie Chef Knife for $79.99 (Reg. $299).

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