The Holocaust Museum offered Kanye West a tour. It reports being "flooded with antisemitic messages" ever since

Ye's antisemitic ramblings have so far cost him his billion-dollar Adidas deal, tie-ins with Gap and Balenciaga, his social media accounts, and the favor of Anna Wintour. But his new friends have his back, and are giving the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles a piece of their mind after it offered Ye a tour and he turned it down, saying that Planned parenthood was his "holocaust museum."

"To those who are using this as a platform to continue to spew hate we have a message for you: You will not discourage us from our mission to share the lessons of the Holocaust to commemorate those who were murdered, to educate all who will listen and learn," it posted on Twitter. "Ye, you have over 30m Twitter followers (twice as many Twitter followers as the total number of Jews on earth). You and anyone reading this can make a difference, you can choose to join us in building bridges rather than tearing them down."