What will Biden's impeachment look like

It seems likely that the MAGA party will take control of the house, thanks to a combination of voter intimidation and blaming Biden for global inflation. After they kill the J6 investigation, they'll tackle two other jobs: impeaching Biden and installing a MAGA president. This article in The Atlantic lays out the roadmap for impeachment, which includes linking Hunter Biden to his father.

I talked with a lot of Republicans for this story, and the subject they mentioned most often was the president's son Hunter Biden. "Hunter" is an all-purpose emblem of scandal in the GOP, and to some extent that is justified. He has admitted to abusing drugs; he was thinly qualified for his position on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural-gas company, which he held while his father was vice president; and he is reportedly under federal investigation for alleged tax crimes and for lying about his drug use on an application to buy a gun. (He has said that professional advisers helped him with his tax affairs and is confident they were handled legally.)

The problem for those who want to impeach is how to connect the president to his son's alleged misadventures. Republicans who mentioned "the Hunter issue"—even those who predicted that it would be the central predicate for impeachment—grew vague when I asked them how it demonstrated wrongdoing by the president. One said it showed "a pay-to-play scheme," but did not specify who paid whom for what corrupt purpose.