CNN headed in Fox's direction, with contributor lashing out at Dem guest: "You're an absolute jerk"

What a shame that CNN boss Chris Licht thinks the network needs to hire angry bullies to add more "balance" to their news progrums. Such as brute contributor Scott Jennings, who lost control when former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told him he couldn't shift from the talking points spoon-fed to him by the RNC on how Latino voters feel about the GOP before the midterm elections.

Rather than engage in what could have been an interesting discussion, Jennings resorted to classic Trump (and thus GOP) tactics by hurling fifth-grade insults.

"I tell you what, man, do you have a single friend?" the triggered Republican said when Messina simply told him he wasn't thinking on his own. "You're an absolute jerk." (See video below.)

If this is what adding balance looks like, it's time to toss the scale.

Front page thumbnail image: CNN (screengrab)