Cop shoots self through hand and kills bystander while "cleaning his gun"

An off-duty cop was cleaning his gun in Salinas, California, this week when he "mistakenly fired a round", shooting himself through the hand and a nearby man in the chest. The man died later in hospital, reports KYVU staff.

When officers arrived to the scene they found Villicana with a gunshot wound to his hand, and Ferro-Sanchez to his upper torso. Both were taken to the hospital, where Ferro-Sanchez died. "This tragic incident is devastating for everyone involved, and we acknowledge many people are grieving," said Santa Cruz Police Chief Bernie Escalante. Police did not say whether the two men knew each other.

How do you clean a chambered gun? How does an RBMK reactor explode?

Investigators are usually suspicious of spectacular but light self-inflicted wounds suffered during deadly accidents. They don't seem particularly suspicious of this one, though, so I guess it's just a tragic mishap.