High school senior wins Tetris World Championship

EricICX has won the 2022 Tetris World Championship, beating competitor Fractal in the final match. Game 3 (of 4 in the match) was really the highlight. Tetris Interest describes the action, which was made even better with Jonathan Coulton's song "Still Alive" from Portal playing in the background:

The crowd applauded in Game 3 when Fractal applied lotion to his hands in the middle of his game. Afterward, they rooted for the players by chanting, "Let's Go Fractal!" and "EricICX!" Eventually, both players reached Level 29 again, with Fractal having about a 100,000 point lead. 

Fractal topped out at Level 69 with about a 77,000 point lead. Eventually, Eric continued to score points into Level 73 to win the game and lead the Match, 2-1. By the way, it was the first double 2 Million point game in a CTWC match. That's the power of Rolling.

If you don't know what "rolling" is, this article explains it. Here's the gist: 

The new strat involves rolling your fingers on the controller while applying pressure to the d-pad. Sounds a bit strange, but it's already got the attention of players looking to improve their game.

You can watch the end of the double 2-million-point game here. It's really mesmerizing. And I love the after-game interview, when EricICX says "This is the best day of my life so far!" Congrats, EricICX!