Fox blames Nancy Pelosi and Biden for home invasion attack on Paul Pelosi

I was talking to an elderly acquaintance on the phone today, and she said, "Isn't it horrible about Nancy Pelosi's husband," referring to the brutal hammer attack he received this morning from a MAGA cultist. I told her I was not surprised it happened, given Trump's frequent incitements to violence against Democrats. She disagreed and said it was Nancy's fault for not having enough security. "She had protection for herself but not for her family!" she said.

I was not in the mood to argue with her, but I wondered where she came up with that perspective. Well, I just came across this Fox News segment in which Caitlyn Jenner said Nancy Pelosi, not the hammer-wielding Trump-lover, is to blame for her husband's attack and subsequent hospitalization. Jenner also blames Biden for the attack.

My acquaintance used to watch CNN, but switched to Fox about a year ago, and now she believes everything Fox tells her.