Kari Lake calls "emergency press conference" to scold the press

An irate Kari Lake called for an "emergency press conference" Thursday with an urgent message: the press sucks.

Apparently, she was pissed off at the news coverage of the Katie Hobbs' campaign headquarters burglary, especially when journalists had the gall to report on comments made by Hobbs' campaign manager Nicole DeMont, who blamed the break-in on Kari Lake, according to AZCentral. (A suspect has since been arrested who doesn't seem to have any connection with Kari Lake.)

"The world should know that you guys are not serious journalists when you cover this garbage," she said in one breath, and then in the second breath switched gears to reveal the core of her ire: "Shame on you, shame on you for trying to change the election results," she scolded, angry that nobody reported on her supposed 11-point lead against Hobbs.

She even insulted a journalist in the crowd who was wearing sunglasses. "I know, Joe, that your eyes hurt over there and you're too cool for school," she sneered. "Joe Dana doesn't even want to pay attention over here with 12 News β€” one of the worst instigators of fake news in town."

Whipping out a paper that displayed a chart, the authoritarian candidate then schooled the reporters. "This was the real news yesterday, guys. Eleven points up. Not a darn one of you covered it."

Front page thumbnail image: lev radin / shutterstock.com