Paul Dano's Riddler comic has a trailer

Going into The Batman, many lifelong fans of the character were a little worried about Paul Dano's interpretation of the character. The concerns had nothing to do with Dano's acting chops but rather the extremely gritty vision of the Riddler that he and director Matt Reeves had conjured for the film. Traditionally, the Riddler has been one of Batman's more eccentric- and quasi-campy- foes, but The Batman aimed to make the character more realistic. Tethering the Riddler's penchant to leave clues at crime scenes to real-life serial killers like the Zodiac killer and BTK, Dano's Riddler effortlessly became the most horrifying depiction of the character. 

Not content to leave his version of the character on the silver screen, Dano has teamed up with DC Comics to create a Riddler comic book with Matt Reeves and artist Stevan Subic. In the link above, you can check out the trailer for The Riddler: Year One, where Dano and Reeves recount the project's origin.