Sharon Bolt shares 12 hours of expert tips on how to train your dog

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Like humans, dogs can often have a wide range of emotions. We love your four-legged child just as much as you do, but being too excited, over-defensive, or unable to contain emotion can sometimes be a bummer to the people who want to enjoy your buddy too. We're not saying Fido isn't the best boy or girl, just that sometimes bad decisions are made by all. The 2023 Complete Professional Puppy and Dog Training Bundle is a great way to keep the both of you on track to be crowned blue ribbon duo at the dog park.

Whether you use this bundle to train other pups or give your own a few lessons, there's something for everyone to learn (but not everything, some people need a little extra social training). With eight courses and 12 hours of learning, you'll get first-hand tips and tools on creating a better environment to raise your and other peoples' dog and others.

Lessons that both you and Fluffy can take something away from include topics like leash training, dog attacks, barking, puppy training, and diet tips. By the end, you and your pal should be able to accomplish tasks like preparing for walks, calming down an aggressive dog, using an effective method to stop your dog from barking at your door, grooming your puppy, helping your new member of your paw family overcome separation anxiety, and so many more great little tidbits to cultivate the perfect hound and human relationship. 

All the courses are taught by Dog and Puppy Expert, a Specialist in NLP, and Law of Attraction Sharon Bolt, who specializes in communicating with canines. (Seriously. She wrote three books on it.) This means you know you're getting the cream of the crop mentorship in your training journey.

Even if you're not ready to start a new business venture, train Spot, or get a dog at all, the courses will be prepared for you when you are. Get the 2023 Complete Professional Puppy and Dog Training Bundle for $39.99 (Reg. $1,600).

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