Support the Good Deeds Corp's efforts to help voters register

Here is a video about one of my favorite charities, The Good Deeds Corp, doing the essential work of helping people register to vote. As our Democracy faces challenges from within, our founders and forebearers never seemed to have anticipated, it is critical that every citizen vote.

The Good Deeds Corp raises money through donations and by holding some amazing events. This weekend Patton Oswalt is offering a private screening and discussion of his new film "I Love My Dad" to help keep them registering voters in Texas.

My good friend Jim Turner is dedicating his 70th birthday to raising funds for The Good Deeds Corp, please pitch in if you can!

Press Release:

Comic, Actor and Movie Geek Raconteur Patton
Oswalt to Appear at Stars in the Backyard for South
Texas Voter Registration Drive

On October 30th Oswalt Will Screen "I Love My Dad" at Outdoor
Series That Has Previously Raised $???? in Funds

Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2022 – Stars in the Backyard, an ongoing series of intimate, outdoor
screenings, welcomes Patton Oswalt Saturday Oct. 30th for a relaxed uncensored conversation about his latest film "I Love My Dad."
The series is sponsored by the non-partisan Good Deed Corps. the lead organization for the "Texas Turn Out" coalition to spur voter registration efforts in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
Oswalt co-stars in this critically-raved indie with a 'gotcha' cat fishing premise that guarantees laughs and shocks and it's a true story!
He's the fourth celebrity to appear in the series. Previously, Jack Black hosted a screening of School of Rock and Sandra Oh did likewise with Sideways. Earlier this month, Judd Apatow screened favorite
scenes from his many comedies; the writer/director and producer served up insider dish (including Steve Carrell's sweat drenched early talk show appearance promoting The 40-Year-Old Virgin on Jimmy Kimmel).
Together those three previous screenings raised $92,000 to the voter registration drive.
As with the previous screenings, the location is the Los Feliz backyard of actor and comic Jim Turner whocelebrates his 70 th birthday this month. The secret garden location is made available only to ticket holders.
Free tacos and popcorn will be served, and an open bar will be on tap.
"I am leveraging my 70 th to arm twist and guilt trip my friends and even frenemies to attend or at least make a donation to this great cause; nothing short of a restraining order will spare them," threatened Turner a member of Good Deeds Corps.
"Our simple mission in Texas is to help turn out record numbers of voters," said Don Foster, Director, The Good Deed Corps. "Because the higher the voter turnout, the better the chance the electorate reflects the
actual demographic diversity of the state. Then, and only then, will true representative democracy be 

Doors open at 6 pm. with the screening set for a 7:30 p.m. start time.
Tickets are $250 with very limited seating. Tickets are flying so stop reading and start clicking.
Donations are tax deductible. To make a donation and attend please
More information about Texas Turnout available here:
About The Good Deeds Corps (The lead organization of the Texas Turnout coalition.):
The Good Deeds Corps is a 501c3 nonpartisan organization formed to promote voter registration with the goal of ensuring an inclusive and diverse electorate. It advances a strong, engaged civil society that embodies a diversity of voice and perspective through acts of compassion and generosity.
After a very successful, unconventional relational organizing campaign (Georgia Rising) to get out the
vote in several Georgia counties in 2020-21, The Good Deed Corps set its sights on increasing voter
registration and voter turnout in Texas's Rio Grande Valley where voter turnout rarely exceeds 50%.
The Texas Turnout campaign is designed to engage would-be voters with a comprehensive, multifaceted, localized approach based on one fundamental concept; relaxed (even fun!) community-based organizing. 
The Texas Turnout coalition of nonpartisan, nonprofit civic engagement organizations includes: The Good Deed Corps,  Rideshare2Vote Aware, League of Women Voters RGV, VoteRiders, Futuro RGV, AACT Now, Texas Rising, NextGen Texas and Black Voters Matter.
Each group brings a piece of the puzzle necessary to find eligible voters, register them, provide them with the material necessary to be informed voters, help them get voter IDs, provide rides to the polls, recruit volunteer deputy registrars, stay engaged and culturally fluent and ultimately export the model to other parts of the state.
Texas Turnout has already helped register thousands of young Hispanic voters in three counties in the
Texas Rio Grande Valley and made sure they're informed and able to get to the polls.
All contributions are tax deductible. For more information, visit