CLIP Interrogator AI will roast your selfies

Well, this is strange. There's a new online AI generator that roasts you mercilessly when you upload a selfie. It's called CLIP Interrogator and it was created by @pharmapsychotic, an AI generative artist. The purpose of CLIP Interrogator is unclear—is this digital performance art? Is it a tool to help AI generators create more accurate images? Screenshot Media explains how it could be used for that second purpose: 

Dubbed CLIP Interrogator and created by AI generative artist @pharmapsychotic, the tool essentially aids in figuring out "what a good prompt might be to create new images like an existing one." For instance, let's take the case of the AI thief who ripped off a Genshin Impact fan artist by taking a screenshot of their work-in-progress livestreamed on Twitch, feeding it into an online image generator to "complete" it first, and uploading the AI version of the art on Twitter six hours before the original artist. The swindler then had the audacity to accuse the artist of theft and proceeded to demand credit for their creation.

With CLIP Interrogator, the thief could essentially upload the ripped screenshot and get a series of text prompts that will help accurately generate similar art using other text-to-image generators like DALL·E mini. The process is a bit cumbersome but it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for AI-powered tools.

Whatever it was created for, people are mostly just using it to roast their selfies. And according to Screenshot Media, a lot of that roasting is pretty lame:

On Twitter, however, people are using CLIP Interrogator to upload their own selfies and get verbally destroyed by a bot. The tool called one user a "beta weak male," a second "extremely gendered with haunted eyes" and went on to dub a third "Joe Biden as a transgender woman." It also seemed to reference porn websites specifically when hit up with images of females with tank tops. Are we surprised? Not in the least. Disappointed? As usual.

To me, the roasts sound way too much like they're generated by some kind of 4chan-soaked incel. I agree with Screenshot Media, who concludes, "All we know for sure is that the roast bot has a long way to go when it comes to biases, especially when used by netizens to comment on their own selfies."