Need a simple and powerful PDF editor? UPDF Pro is now 66% off

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Anyone who's had to work with PDFs — which means people at most jobs or in school – knows they can be a total pain to deal with. That's why you need a powerful and easy-to-use PDF editor, which is where UPDF Pro comes in. This app has an answer for every PDF issue. It allows you to view, edit, organize, annotate and convert PDFs across all platforms. Typically, a UPDF Pro subscription costs $149, but you can purchase one now for $49.99 or 66% off.

Here's what you get with a subscription to UPDF Pro: You can truly customize your PDFs, adding or deleting text or editing the font, color, and size. You can also easily edit images included in the PDF. It's also simple to annotate your PDFs with UPDF, as you can highlight or underline text or add side notes.

We also love that you can add password protection to sensitive PDF documents and that it's possible to convert your PDFs into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. The app works across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices! So basically, it makes working with PDFs easier on every level.

Just consider what the experts have to say. Geeky Gadgets wrote in its review, "UPDF is a potent PDF editor and PDF converter designed to stay up with advanced technologies. It ensures that whichever features you use are up to date. UPDF not only converts PDF to Word but can perform many advanced editing." Meanwhile, Fossbytes shared, "UPDF doesn't have a boring interface like other PDF software. The design is stunning and eye-catching. On top of it, it is convenient to use. You wouldn't be bothered with a complex design that is very time-consuming."

Change how you edit PDFs for good and get a UPDF Pro subscription for $49.99.

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