Adam Savage compares the movie batarangs

Batman is often cited as the "realistic" and "grounded" superhero due to his lack of superpowers. And while it's easy to see what people mean when they utter such a claim, calling Batman "realistic" shows either a gross misapprehension of the word or the character it's attempting to describe. Superman's bulletproof skin may require the reader to suspend their disbelief, but no more so than enjoying the exploits of a billionaire detective ninja. Batman is as over-the-top as his costumed cohorts, with only a bit more emphasis on noir.

In recent years, Batman movies have also tried to infuse the character's mythology and tech with real-world explanations. During Nolan's cinematic tenure with the character, he went out of his way to link the Dark Knight's trademark gadgets to existing technology. A tradition that Matt Reeves, the current custodian of Batman's film adventures, has endeavored to uphold- albeit somewhat loosely.

In the video linked above, Mythbuster's Adam Savage compares the batarangs from Nolan and Reeves' Batman flicks.