Enjoy these animals eating pumpkins!

It's Halloween! And you know what that means, right? Yes, that's right, it means CUTE ANIMALS EATING PUMPKINS! Enjoy all of these critters relishing their pumpkin treats at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium ("The only combined zoo and aquarium in the Pacific Northwest"). PDZA has a terrific Instagram accountwhere they share delightful videos of cute creatures munching on pumpkins (and other delicacies). Here's my favorite, Tilli the aardvark:

Tilli the aardvark uses her amazing sniffer while she inspects zookeeper Brynn's homegrown, 53-pound Cinderella pumpkin! Tilli's care team punctured holes in the giant pumpkin and filled it with yogurt for a special treat.

Here's a compilation of lots of animals—including a tapir, a porcupine, a gibbon, and a tiger—eating (and playing with) pumpkins. And we mustn't forget that lemurs enjoy pumpkins, too. Finally, here are some mole rats eating carrots! Those adorable teeth just kill me every time! Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

Cute creature rating: 13/10, completely off the charts!